Happy Wally – Walla 3d Print Merch Contest

So this is the entry for “Music Merch Design Contest for Walla” at Pinshape. The guidelines consisted of designing a 3d printable product based on the band’s video “Nature” and especially on the video’s protagonist, Wally. Lots of different entries and now just waiting to see who the winners are!

Final 3d print-ready model (3 inches tall)
Small thumbnails testing different proportions
Small thumbnails to test different proportions
Reference I took from their video, "Nature"
Reference I took from their video, “Nature”
Happy Wally – Walla 3d Print Merch Contest

Pug-O-Lantern: Sketchfab Halloween Contest

Another 3d printing contest entry. Deadline is today (Halloween).

Guidelines were to model a jack-o-lantern that can be printed in Orange Strong and Flexible Plastic and is no bigger than 100x100x100mm

So I thought of slapping a pug’s face on a pumpkin. The challenge I had was to make it recognizable while still adapting the face to the pumpkin’s shape. Also had to deal with the fact that this is not a textured model, and everyone knows how a pug is characterized not only by its shape but by its smoky, black face as well!

Also, I had to leave the whiskers out as they were too thin to print.

Ready to print!
Ready to print!
Just getting familiarized with pugs and pumpkins here…
Pug-O-Lantern: Sketchfab Halloween Contest