Pug-O-Lantern: Sketchfab Halloween Contest

Another 3d printing contest entry. Deadline is today (Halloween).

Guidelines were to model a jack-o-lantern that can be printed in Orange Strong and Flexible Plastic and is no bigger than 100x100x100mm

So I thought of slapping a pug’s face on a pumpkin. The challenge I had was to make it recognizable while still adapting the face to the pumpkin’s shape. Also had to deal with the fact that this is not a textured model, and everyone knows how a pug is characterized not only by its shape but by its smoky, black face as well!

Also, I had to leave the whiskers out as they were too thin to print.

Ready to print!
Ready to print!
Just getting familiarized with pugs and pumpkins here…
Pug-O-Lantern: Sketchfab Halloween Contest

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